About me

..... I stand in front of a white canvas and pictures, memories and colors flow from my mind. I start my story. When I paint,

I understand the time differently. I create quanta of various times on the plane of the image, and even timeless ......

"Our cracks make us beautiful, and defects make us unique and the only ones of our kind "

Aneta Barglik is a Polish abstract painter moving in the expressionist movement. I am a graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts in the Department of Easel Painting of Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa (Marian Jarzemski’s studio).

My painting is a joyful world, a world of memories, new desires and dreams. In a way, my paintings are emotional landscapes, short moments, frames cut out of everyday life dressed in forms and colours and translated into the language of fantasy. Each picture is contemplated for a long time in all it's richness and multidimensionality, while guessing and recognizing the further meanings. When painting I strive to create a new reality out of the one already existing in its own way. I am a participant of many national and international collective

exhibitions, such as:



WWW: https://anetabarglik.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anetabarglik/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistAnetaBarglik/


2015-‘NieOczywistość’, Stacja Muranów, Warszawa (Poland)

2015-‘Malarze 3’, Galeria Konduktorownia ,Częstochowa (Poland)

2016-‘Abstract Art’, The Brick Lane Gallery, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

2016- ‘Abstract Art’, 504 Gallery Room, London (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

2016- ‘Rysunkarze’, Galeria Konduktorownia, Częstochowa (Poland)

2016- ‘Pomiędzy’, Galeria Sztuk Wszelakich, MOK Kędzierzyn Kożle(Poland)

2017-‘Yann Argentin ‘ Colorida Art Gallery, Lizbon, (Portugal)

2017-‘Fragmenty Czasu’ Nowy Świat Muzyki Warszawa (Poland)

2017- ‘Malarze 5’, Galeria Konduktorownia ,Częstochowa (Poland)

2018- ‘Obecność’, Filharmonia Opolska im. Józefa Elsnera,Opole (Poland)

2018- ‘Woman’s Essence Show 2018’, Musa International Art Space, Madrid (España)

2018-‘We Contemporary Art Show 2018’  Museum of Jobs Foundation. Palermo (Italy)

2018-‘Contemporary Venice 2018’-ITSLIQUID International Art Show, Venice (Italy)

2019-‘Timeless Mood’ Micro Arti Visive. Roma (Italy)

2019-‘Nothing But Art’ -Palazzo Veli Expo Anna Isopo Arte Borgo Gallery. Roma (Italy)

2019-‘XXXIII Auction of New Art’, Auction House Art in House, Sopot (Poland)

2019- ‘Barwna Rzeczywistość’,Noc Kultury, Miejski Dom Kultury ,Lubliniec (Poland)

2019-’Targi Sztuki Dostępnej Jesień 2019, Babka do Wynajęcia, Warszawa

2020-'Targi Dobry Design, Concordia Design Wrocław-Wrocław (Poland)

2020-'Targi Dobry Design, Concordia Design Wrocław-Wrocław (Poland)


“The presence of light in the abstract painting of the artist Aneta Barglik reveals complex labyrinths that lead to a magical world where dreams and obsessions, solitude and re-encounters coexist in. The strength of the work is based on the chromatic contrast caused by the overlapping elements and results in deep three-dimensional environments.The precise and at the same time loose movements of the strokes confirm the mastery of the technique, the unlimited freedom and the expressive force of the artist. ”

José Roberto Moreira Curator at Collorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

"Her art is a floating of color to get lost in, like an energetic and regenerating magma where to diva into. The color plays a lead role in the composition and the shape that it will take on the canvas, might change according to our look and our experience with it. Her art represents the chance of getting lost and letting go to something involing and cathartic, going beyond boundaries to reach a new reality. Any rules in proceeding in this story of oil painting, but only mental connections that correspond to a freedom of the pictorial gesture, in which the unconscious shapes the matter.A living material  sought by the artist, who carefully handles the coat of the color to make it pulsating, present and visible."

Critic text by Laura FrancescaDi Trapni Madrid, España 2018